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$500 Dollars On Body Glitter, Homer? [16 Apr 2006|12:11pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I got my hair cut in a nice bob a few days ago.

I PM'ed Darrell photos of it but I guess he has been busy with work.

I'm on Spring Break but I have plenty of college work to do so I'm trying to get a hop on that.

I got six hundred and twenty-five bucks as scholarhsip money from the school so my dad and I went to the bank yesterday and opened up my own account for it at a local Chase bank.

I also bought really nice body glitter from Claire's Accessories yesterday; I'd also like a few more bottles of nail polish and bronzer from there as well as new bras and udnerwear from Victoria's Secret in June; I also want to go tan in a salon or outside; yes, I am so vain; I wish I had free time to do writing of my own if it weren't for school; the deep blue nail polish and the milky mint oe would rock with this 1979 yellow dress I have from my mom.

- Mary Miles Minter II

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